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Fertilizer Runoff



Modern agriculture involves the application of fertilizer onto fields in order to maximize production. However, farmers often apply more nutrients than are taken up by crops. Dairies and swine farms also apply animal wastewater to surrounding cropland.  In the past, regulations have limited the levels of nitrogen that can be applied, but not of phosphorus. However, new federal rules also prohibit over-application of phosphorus. This will require some farms to reduce phosphorus application by half  thus doubling irrigated acreage or removing phosphorus from wastewater.

Doubling irrigated acreage is very expensive and often impossible. Other options for removing phosphorus from wastewater generate large volumes of sludge that are expensive to handle, ship, and dispose of.

The Multiform Harvest crystallizer cone is a simple to implement solution that quickly captures and recycles the nutrients in wastewater.  It also generates a slow-release fertilizer that is odorless and easy to store.

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