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When used during the bloom phase of growth, Fertmax Booster and Fertmax Powder Booster will provide your plants with ample phosphorus for enhanced flower production. At the first sign of blossoming, our Booster products can add extra weight to your plants for a greater ultimate yield. We do not add dyes to hide impurities. You will notice our Booster product’s immaculate transparency demonstrating that fact.


For hydroponics, use the following guidelines:
For seedlings and young plants in the early stages of vegetation, start out by adding 5 ml (1tsp) per gallon of water each of Grow A and B to your nutrient solution. Use our feed chart to navigate which stage of growth your plants are in to compare the results of your EC meter, with the suggested target EC listed. Add a little at a time if you are unsure, until the desired EC is reached. Repeat this process weekly, or monitor every few days to maintain the target EC for each stage of growth. Click HERE to view our standard use feed chart.

*Tip: If you are not using an EC meter to monitor your nutrient solution, it is best to replace reservoir water weekly and add fresh nutrients in the dosages suggested on the feed chart by stage.

For basic soil applications, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Determine what stage of growth your plants are in. Use the Grow A/B set if your plants fall into any of the following categories: seedlings, young plants that have not reached maturity and/or are not currently flowering/producing fruit, green plants that will never produce flowers or fruit (example: lettuce). Use the bloom A/B set if your plants fall into any of the following categories: plants that have recently began to show signs of flowering, mature plants that are in full bloom, mature plants that are currently producing flowers/fruit.
  2. Estimate what stage of growth your plants are in by using the guidelines above, as well as the information on our feed chart. After selecting a growth stage that seems to match the maturation of your plants, move on to step 3.
  3. Fill a bucket or a watering can with as much water as you will need to water your plants as you normally would. Try to use increments of whole gallon volumes to simplify the dosage calculations, with one gallon (128 fl oz or about 4 liters) being the smallest volume used.
  4. Per one gallon of water, measure out the appropriate dosage of product A based on your estimate from step 2. For example, if you determined your plants to be in the early bloom phase (tomato plant that recently started flowering), measure out 8 ml (1.5 tsp) of Bloom A and add it to the bucket. Repeat this step using equal volume of part B. Mix well.
  5. Water your plants with the nutrient solution you created to provide them with a well-balanced nutrition program for their specific needs.
  6. Water your plants with regular fresh water daily, as usual.
  7. Repeat this process weekly, paying close attention to any changes that may occur in the appearance of your plants due to their natural course of development.

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