- Model FF170 - FF310 - FF380 - Compact Cultivator


Compact cultivator for cultivating the land at the same time with potato planting.Planting and cultivating in one working passage; more capacity with lesser hours.Very steady, cultivating with an constant working depth.Ideal crumbling, no clods, potatoes surrounds in good soil.Compact construction with a small rotor diameter 60 cm.Maximum working depth 22 cm

Standard Full Width Rotary Cultivator

  • very compact front mounting on tractor
  • crumbler roller in V form front cultivator
  • 6 splines PTO shaft with slip clutch
  • 100 welded hook tines full width type FF310
  • inspection covers and back plate with plastic plate inside
  • 2 depth wheels 600x9 – 10PR with spindle adjustment
  • full width plate with 2 side plates
  • gearbox 1000 RPM, rotor shaft 450 rpm
  • working width 170 – 305 - 365 cm

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