- Electronic Fish Feeder Control System



Electronic Control System put the 230 V input plug into your Timer 230 V (best Timer mechanical with disc a very easy one) - programming the Timer:' Start-Time and Stop Time' as you will like it. When the Timer switched -Start the Control beginns to working always beginns with the 'Pause-Time' after them automatically the Feeding Time - after them Pause-Time after them Feeding Time and so on.....only the Timercan stop this Flip-Flop System with your Stop -Time programmed on your Timer. Between the START- TIME and STOP-TIME only in this part of Time the Control will working. Power failure: - set your Timer again to the right Time -finished now- you dont need more things to do.

  • Easy handling and operation
  • Day and night rhythm is controlled with the tinier
  • Amount of feed adjustable from 5 g up to 250 kg per day
  • Feeding duration from 1 to 99 sec, and feeding intervals from 1 to 99 min adjustable
  • no standby mode => energy saving

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