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Model FH190 and FH190GM - Two Drum Mower



When the ground is damp or marshy and you require quick reliable mowing, the drum system is the best choice. With its simple but solid and sturdy construction, the drum has a fixed supporting axle and appropriately sized transmission assemblies. The lower “idle” disc, which rotates freely, prevents the cutting disc from sinking into the soil, thus adapting to unevenness in the ground. When easy handling and practicality combined with sturdiness and performance are required, the  FH190 is the ideal choice also in the version with conditioner FH190GM. Simple rapid maintenance gives these mowers added value, making them dependable and highly productive. The side element is raised by means of hydraulic pistons and a further mechanical safety catch locks the mower in position  during transport. A hydraulic system raises the mower from the ground by 35° and simplifies manoeuvring operations.

The safety release guarantees automatic disengagement if an obstacle is encountered: in this case the entire mowing unit automatically moves back and, once the obstacle has been overcome, returns to its initial position.

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