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Fiber Reinforced Plastic Fan for Pig House


Email: Skype: elena.forbes.11 This cooling fan can be applied to positive-pressure evaporative cooling pads, Eco-friendly air conditioner and positive-pressure air blast, etc. Applicable in many areas for ventilation and cooling.

Fiber Reinforced Plastic Fan Features
1. Multifunction: it has cooling function and ventilating function;
2. Small operating cost: large air volume design with low energy cost of 0.75kw;
3. Anti-corrosion and weathering-preventing, long service life: the fan casing and the motor bracket are made of fiber-reinforced plastic, the louver is made of PVC material, the fan blade is made of nylon-fiber material and the motor is level-10 GB copper core;
4. Low noise: no resonance effect for its advanced design and particular materials;
5. Low failure rate, no easy wear parts.

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