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Fiberglass Luminaries

Sumip luminaries are available in totally enclosed GRP housing suitable for use in non hazardous, dusty, humid & corrosive atmosphere prevailing in Chemical, Fertilizer, Cement, Rayon Plants, and also Industries/Power Plants located in coastal areas. Construction The luminaire housing is Hot Press Molded Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP). Glass Wellglass - Heat resistance glass is provided with synthetic rubber gasket. Highbay/ Mediumbay - Teflon glass with rubber gasket provided. Retaining frame/ Wire guard Strong stainless steel wire guard is provided to hold & protect the well glass. Holder Ceramic ES or BC lamp holders are provided as per customer requirement of high grade quality. Ballast & Igniter & Capacitor For Integral type luminaries Heavy Duty Copper Wound Ballast, Capacitor & Igniter where ever applicable, are fitted right above the lamp holder assembly.

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