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Fiberglass Pipe for Chlor-Alkali & Chemical Plants (FRP)


Fibrex is one of the largest producers of FRP equipment for the chlor-alkali industry. Our systems often incorporate thicker corrosion barriers, up to 0.500″, for superior FRP chemical resistance. In addition, Fibrex developed the innovative and award-winning Integra-Nozzle to reduce chemical attack at the nozzle (branch) connection in duct header systems manufactured for wet chlorine gas at over 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This improvement has increased service life substantially, and some Fibrex headers are still performing after more than 14 years in service. for over thirty years, many chlor-alkali plants have looked to Fibrex as their sole source for chlorine header requirements and have favored Fibrex for chemical piping systems as well. In addition to domestic customers, the Company has also provided these systems to plants in the Middle East, South America and Asia.

Head losses through sudden contractions and enlargements are calculated using the formula hL = K(V2/2g) with the applicable resistance coefficient for K. In accordance with the table below, the large radius transition of the Integra-Nozzle produces a resistance coefficient of only 0.04, whereas a sharp-edged “tee-joint weld” has a resistance coefficient roughly 10 times as great. This reduction in friction losses results in power savings by increasing pump efficiency.

The actual quantity of water discharged through an orifice or nozzle is reduced 20-40% by a square-edged entrance. The large-radius entrance of the Integra-Nozzle however, permits up to 98% of full flow through the entrance of nozzle and branch connections.

The IntegraLine pipe design manual covers pipe design and selection, system design and field installation.

IntegraHeader™ is a trademark of Fibrex Corporation.

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