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Fiberglass Spreader



Fiberglass is lighter than steel and just as strong when engineered correctly! On average, the weight savings from a fiberglass tank to steel can be the equivalent to 1000 gallons!. Fiberglass is constructed from resin, hardener and glass fibers; therefore it won’t rust out! Manure is very corrosive and fiberglass is even tough enough to last forever with liquid fertilizer!. Nuhn Industries has sourced a German manufacturer for these fiberglass tanks that has produced over 11,000 fiberglass tanks since the 1960s! Generations of experience have gone into the design of these tanks.


  • High volume discharge pump
    • Having the liquid leave the housing in three locations allows for the liquid to get in and out of the housing at a high rate.
    • This also uses the input power very efficiently as it is not wasted by moving liquid around in the housing
    • Allows for a narrow, large diameter fan that takes less hp, increases liquid velocity and results in high volume
    • Smooth, long radius pipes direct the liquid out of the housing
  • Lofted housing with tapered fan
    • The housing back plate is formed to allow the liquid to be directed upwards with the tapered fan, rather than just outwards like traditional manure pumps.
    • This fan acts more like a boat impellor, lifting the liquid vertically while still in the housing rather than just being pushed horizontally

Under Carriage

  • Hydraulic Independent Suspenion

Weight Transfer Kit

  • No weights required on front of tractor
  • Shifts weight to tractor's front axle from rear axle
  • Much smoother ride

Electric Steering

  • Easy for operator to control
  • No turning steering on and off while driving down the road
  • Steering angle is controlled according to travelling speed

Additional Standard Features

  • Brakes on all 8 wheels
  • In tank agitation
  • Volume control feature allows for additional attachments and a low spread pattern


  • Available in single tank or quad train configuerations

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