- Model 8000 Series - Fully Automated Fibre Analysis System



The Fibertec 8000 is a fully automated system for determination of crude fibre, detergent fibre and related parameters according to standard reference ‘crucible’ methods such as Weende, van Soest and other recognised methods. Approvals for the crucible method include ISO, EEC, AOAC, AOCS. The Fibertec 8000 provides unrivalled accuracy, the highest safety and the lowest operator time of any fibre solution.

Lowest operator time of any fibre analysis solution. Official reference method results with unrivalled accuracy (ISO, AOAC). Safest fibre analysis solution available.

Sample type
Feed, Feed ingredients, Forage, Pet food, Grain, Cereal and Oil seeds.

Crude Fibre (CF), Neutral Detergent Fibre (NDF), Acid Detergent Fibre (ADF) and Acid Detergent Lignin (ADL).

No sample transfer

Samples are handled separately in standard filter crucibles which are used both as an integral part of the assembly during extraction, rinsing and filtration and as sample vessels during weighing, drying and ashing. Sample residue remains in the crucible during the whole procedure, avoiding sample transfer and associated risk of error.

The FT 121 Fibertec cold extraction unit

The FT 121 Fibertec Cold Extraction Unit can be used in combination with the fully automated FIbertec 8000 for de-fatting samples and extraction at ambient temperatures and solvent dehydration of fibre residues.

Official reference method results

The Fibertec 8000 provides official method results (ISO, AOAC), with the safest fibre analysis solution available for Crude fibre, ADF, ADL and NDF. Non-attended measurement of up to six samples simultaneously releases staff to do other things – it can even run overnight.

On-board heating and dispensing of reagents

Innovative safety features help you to raise the safety level in everyday operations. All reagents are dispensed automatically avoiding any contact with hot chemicals and their fumes. In addition, automatic heat reduction when the boiling point is reached prevents spillage.The system adds antifoam and enzymes automatically (when required).

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