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- Coco Peat & Binder



Fibre-Neth is a high quality rooting medium suitable for a wide range of products. Fibre-Neth plugs mainly consist of coco peat and a binder. Fibre-Neth plugs retain their compact form which, combined with the unique characteristics of coco peat, ensures a high air content. Due to their unique properties, Fibre-Neth plugs can be controlled well, ensure fast rooting, optimal root development, and can be planted quickly.

  • Available in Ø 2 to 12 cm
  • Plant and cutting holes on request
  • Drill holes available in different diameters
  • Available in different types of trays
  • Good air/water management
  • pH-H2O: 5.0 – 6.5
  • Available with high and low EC
  • Available as loose plug in tray

  • Suitable for nearly all crops
  • For use in different cultivation systems
  • Can be planted automatically
  • Optimal use of space with the plug-in-plug system

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