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At Knox Fibres, as a major processor of yarn for contract carpets, we foster a triangular working relationship between yarn producer, processor and final customer.  By being able to offer honest and impartial advice and a dedicated sampling service, we are well placed to allow the carpet manufacturer to create the best of finished products. We offer the following process options, which can be used singularly or in combination: air entangling, twisting, heat-setting and space dye. Our service package is recognised as truly unique in Europe.

Feeder Yarn Partners

Stocks are held of over 400 different feeder yarn colours, ranging from 650 - 5000 decitex.  This, coupled with a proactive stock reporting system, means that, for over 90% of yarn orders, the colours are on site or on order.

Our yarn partners:
Invista, Meryl Fibers, R Performance, Universal Yarns, Xentrys.

Carpet Manufacturers

Working in partnership with carpet manufacturers to meet their needs and expectations, the team at Knox Fibres keeps abreast of new market trends in colour and style.  Developing custom stock control and planning software enables reduced lead times, with 4 weeks being standard, and a fast track option possible if required.

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