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Model FIC-36-PIU/SP - Poultry Isolators



These poultry isolation units are designed to protect, both, your fowl and the personnel from cross contamination. They are ideal for both acute and chronic studies. Because of the integrity of each compartment, multiple species can be housed in the same room if desired. All units are set up for negative pressure operation as a standard arrangement. Positive pressure set up (factory installed) is also available if preferred.

The isolation cubicles are match die-molded of 'hi-tech' thermoset plastic that is autoclavable or steam sterilization. Cubicles are warm; absorb sound (quiet) and soft to the touch of various species. The problem of hypothermia is eliminated.

Individual cubicles can be removed from the stainless steel support frame for cleaning if desired. The polycarbonate doors are mounted using 'slip-a-part' stainless steel hinges for additional ease when removing for cleaning.

  • Autoclavable or steam cleaning.
  • Automatic stainless steel feeding system and watering system.
  • HEPA filtration system.
  • Interior 'Red' light.
  • Quick and easy waste pan change over.
  • Rounded corners for easy cleaning.
  • Individual cubicle controls.
  • Nine (9) square feet of floor space per cubicle.

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