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Field Monitoring Station


The FMS collects real-time data from a grower’s field, orchard or vineyard by monitoring soil and climate conditions every 15 minutes. The many different sensors deployed allows a grower to build a complete picture of growing conditions that can be used to help create the optimal growing environment.


The FMS consists of:

  • Mini on-board field computer that stores and relays data to PureSense servers via a cellular modem with a 30-day memory backup. Growers benefit from continuous access to field conditions and reliable data collection from anywhere in the field.
  • Weather station collects accurate weather data describing local conditions in a grower’s own fields. Records the in/out of canopy temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, rainfall totals and solar radiation for evapotranspiration (ET˚).
  • Pressure switch that tracks the inches of irrigation water applied and the duration and timing of irrigation events. Growers are able to confirm timing and duration of irrigation events and automatically maintain detailed records.
  • Soil-monitoring probes that measure soil’s moisture, soil temperature and salinity. Installed at depths down to 60 inches, these probes continuously monitor plant-available water and provide below-ground visibility so growers can maintain ideal moisture conditions.
  • A solar panel recharges the battery that powers the FMS. This independent power supply enables the FMS to be placed in the ideal field, orchard or vineyard location for accurate irrigation decisions.

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