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- Model IV 1200/1600/1850 - Pull Type Sprayers



V-RIDE effectively isolates trailer movement from the boom, resulting in significant performance enhancements which include; increased field speeds of 2-5 mph resulting in up to 25% increased productivity, reduced fuel costs and improved spray pattern control for optimized application accuracy. The V-RIDE system is especially accomplished simply by turning a knob on the suspension control valve located on the sprayer, to “DIAL IN” the prefered boom ride.


Adjustability for Flexibility.
The Field-Pro IV comes standard with an adjustable axle. Making the adjustment is very easy, and the brackets guarantee proper wheel alignment and trailing quality at all times. A wide axle option is available on all models.

A Cutting Edge Approach to Radial Tires.
We offer several different radial tire options for the Field-Pro IV models.  The low tire pressure of the radial dramatically increases the size of the footprint on the ground reducing soil compaction.


The Fiberworks Boom that has Everyone Talking.
The advanced boom design and test facilities at Bestway  have produced the next generation in boom capability. The outer wings are constructed with lightweight but durable composite materials. Couple that with fully adjustable V-Ride hydraulic accumulator suspension to get an unprecedented ride. You won’t find all the springs, shocks and cables found on many competitive booms.

The Pro-60, 80, 90 and 100  also features a dual breakaway system-- one on the inner wing and one on the outer wing. The inner breakaway will reset automatically while the outer breakaway can be reset hydraulically from the cab. The breakaway spring system also acts as a shock absorbing system for boom fore and aft movements in turns, acceleration and deceleration.

The Exclusive Field-Pro IV Series
The Field-Pro IV-1000 is available with 60' or 80' booms, the Field- Pro IV-1200 is available with  80' , 90' or 100' booms and the Field-Pro IV 1600 and 1850 are avaialbl ewith 90' and 100' booms.

How do you Make Up to 1850 Gallons Float Over Your Soil With Limited Compaction?
Radial tires, that’s how. Since they’re not used in a tractive application, the tire load ratings shoot up even at low tire pressures. The result is a footprint that is amazingly similar to a track. This innovative approach not only decreases ground pressure but dramatically improves ride.

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