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- Model IV 1200 - Pull Type Sprayers



V-RIDE effectively isolates trailer movement from the boom, resulting in significant performance enhancements which include; increased field speeds of 2-5 mph resulting in up to 25% increased productivity, reduced fuel costs and improved spray pattern control for optimized application accuracy. The V-RIDE system is especially accomplished simply by turning a knob on the suspension control valve located on the sprayer, to “DIAL IN” the prefered boom ride.

Putting Cost in Perspective.
Compare the Field-Pro IV-1200 with any other piece of equipment. Your return on invested dollars will eclipse the rest. First of all, speed, timeliness, reduction of labor, low downtime and accuracy affect your bottom line directly. Most are shocked at the low cost per acre to own or lease a Bestway. Check it out.


A Cutting Edge Approach to Radial Tires.
We offer two different widths of radial tires on the Field-Pro IV-1200. The low tire pressure of a radial dramatically increases the size of the footprint on the ground.


Adjustability for Flexibility.
The Field-Pro IV-1200 has two options for axle width. A standard version slides from 80” to 120”, and the wide version from 112” to 152”. Making the adjustment is very easy, and the brackets guarantee proper wheel alignment and trailing quality at all times.

Big time performance, in a moderate size.
The Field-Pro IV-1200 sprayer is the perfect match for a growing number of farmers. It combines high productivity with the value of a finely built sprayer.

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