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- Bale Grab



FieldMaster Bale Grabs are sold as attachments to the FieldMaster Front Loader range. They are invaluable for handling and stacking round bales, rotating them through 90 degrees or stacking them on their ends in order to preserve their shape. FieldMaster Bale Grabs can also be utilised for moving and stacking small rectangular bales. They have a box section sturdy frame with tubular steel pads that cradle the bale closely, holding the bale securely. Stacking bales closely is made easier by the back pressure created by the bale being adjacent to the pad arm, allowing the unrestricted pad arm to open first.

  • For use with Fieldmaster Front Loaders SF-FL200,SF-FL250, SF-FL400
  • Strong and durable frame
  • The slim pad arms design allow them to slip easily between two closely stacked bales
  • The float in both pad arms centralises bales and enables the bales to be stacked tightly together with ease
  • Secure bale clamping, preserving the plastic wrap

  • Bale handling & stacking
  • Wrapped round bales 1.00m to 1.70m (diameter)

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