- Rear Mount Booms Sprayers


Rear mounted Aluminum Box Boom 5’ end break away (spring loaded) Boom widths available up to 150' Raven 450 rate control with GPS speed sensor Banjo flange fittings with stainless steel clamps Banjo Ball valves (5 boom) Tank agitators with electric shut-off Single nozzle bodies 2”/3” Combo bottom fill 9306 HM1C hypro water pump Articulating hydraulic fold with joystick control from cab 5’ parallel main mast hydraulic lift Field light kit Hydraulic boom tip lift (left and right) Brake lights and turn signals Pressure gauge for Pump and Boom Pressure

FieldStar 1600/RM & 2000/RM Sprayers:

  • Designed to be Quick Attach to the RBR Vector chassis
  • Tank sizes – 1600 and 2000 gallon stainless steel with 100 gallon rinse tank
  • Rear Mount Boom
  • Sprayflex Aluminum Box Boom – Ultimate in durability and light weight
  • Boom sizes range from 90’-150’, Lightest and most durable boom on the market
  • High clearance, 27” – 30” (depending on tire size)
  • Can be sprayer/spreader combo, take sprayer off and put dry fertilizer spreader on
  • Many tire/wheel sizes to choose from
  • RBR Vector chassis is full mechanical 4WD
  • Driver information screen, tells water pressures and oil temp/pressure of system
  • Wheel track = 120” (other tracks available, some dependent on wheel size)

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