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Agricultural production has relied on man made systems to achieve the highest possible performance, and the best plant genetics.  However, Filtrexx Agricultural Systems is the first production system to challenge those advanced plant genetics.  By using a superior cultural system focusing on proper moisture, drainage, air, slow release nutrients, high nutrient retention, and biological activity, our system has shown production increases over commonly accepted standards in Agriculture.  Most crops requiring intense Agricultural systems, like strawberries, raspberries, truck crops, or blueberries are not maximized because of cultural problems.  Filtrexx has solved many of those and can help you with a Farm layout production analysis to determine what bottom line impact our system may have on your farm.

If you are focusing on Urban gardens, you will find the portability and mobility of our GardenSoxx to be the simplest and most effective gardening method ever used. 

If you are involved in Greenhouse production, Filtrexx Agricultural Systems use the same GardenSoxx and make it 'easy in and easy out' for your crops.  ForHi tunnel applications, our Agricultural system makes the easiest set up and take down you can possibly use.  And once the crop is complete, you can even recycle the compost from our Soxx into other areas of your farm for a triple recycled product!!!

For all these applications, you might even be able to use your own compost or have us consult with you to make compost.

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