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Create a Vegetated Waterway. Use Filtrexx Channel Soxx to replace long runs of rip rap channels used to direct and slow water off steep slopes and outfall areas. Seed Filtrexx Channel Soxx to create long lasting vegetation within the channels that further protects against erosion. Adding vegetation also increases aesthetic appeal and helps to anchor the Soxx™ to the channels because the roots grow through the Channel Soxx™ and attach themselves to the slopes. When seeded , Channel Soxx™ can be left in place to become part of the living landscape. Growth media used in the Channel Soxx™ also has the ability to bind various contaminants contained in runoff.

  • Use Channel Soxx to replace long runs of rip rap with a cover of long lasting vegetation.
  • Not only do Channel Soxx protect the channel bed from erosion, they also trap sediment, bind and adsorb soluble nutrients, metals and hydrocarbons contained in the storm water.
  • Channel Soxx establish, sustain and reinforce vegetation in areas of concentrated flow that typically undermine vegetation growth.
  • Applications include channel, ditch bed and bank protection and outlet protection for storm drains, paved channels and culverts.
  • Prevents invert erosion of channel
  • Easy to vegetate and tie into existing slopes for improved maintenance in the future.
  • Available in standard diameters: 8” / 12” / 18”

Patent Pending
SiltSoxx™ is a registered trademark of Filtrexx™

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