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Model Filtro FPP - Nutsche Filters



Nutsche pressure filter. Recommended for pressure filtration, 're-slurry' washing, smoothing & displacement washing and product discharge. Includes: removable flat bottom flanged to the cylindrical vessel, filter media, agitator designed with special teeth able to optimize the smoothing
of the cake and product discharge without incurring any mechanical damage to the product, double mechanical seal, side mounted discharge port, CIP washing systems for all the internal contact surfaces. Validated CIP .

  • Available with filter surface areas up to 16 m2 
  • Agitator with straight or 'S' shaped paddles, in two or three-armed designs 
  • Bottom flange with C-clamps or hydraulic bayonet closure 
  • Mono or multilayer intered filter media 
  • Double mechanical seal wet, dry or 'lift-off' 
  • Side mounted discharge port with an O-ring, metal-to-metal or 'reverse' seal 
  • Available in chemical, pharmaceutical and sterile versions 
  • Heating & cooling and inerting systems 
  • PLC automation systems 
  • Material in contact with the product: 316 L 
Stainless Steel, SAF 2205, Uranus B6, Alloy C 22, Titanium and many more

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