- Finger Weeder



The finger weeder can be used for the most cultures like, corn, sugar beet, soy, sunflower, pumpkin,  strawberries and more. The minimum row-distance is 25 cm.

Working principle:
Rubber fingers grip into the plant rows and destry the weed. The working depth is approx. 2,00 upt to 4,00cm. The working speed depends on the plant size from  4 up to 15 km/h.

There are different types and sizes of rubber fingers:
Small finger weeder from row distance from approx. 25cm. Big finger weeder from row distance from approx. 40cm

Approx. 25 kg one row

The finger cultivator is special for mounting on Hatzenbichler interrow cultivators
you can also mount on different kinds of cultivators.

Working depth:
2 – 4 cm

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