Finrone Systems Limited

Finishing Portapig Housing System



Available up to 25 metres long x 9.5 metres wide. Concretes slatted floor. Unique slurry system with each pen having its own individual slurry tank. In operation within 4 days from delivery

  • It has an automatic open and close failsafe window
  • It can be fitted out with either dry feeder hoppers or stainless steel troughs
  • It can be pre factory fitted with an automatic dry feed, centerless auger or wet feed feeding system
  • The standard pen size is 2.5 metres x 4.1 metres holding over 15 finisher pigs per pen
  • Computerised ventilation system operating air inlets giving cross flow ventilation
  • Stainless steel drinking bowls or pipes and nipples supplied as requested
  • Ideal solution for using on a leaned site

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