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Portapig housing is a well established product and has now been manufactured for over 20 years. Over 900 houses have been manufactured and delivered to every corner of the UK and Ireland as well as European countries including France, Holland, Belgium and Germany. Our Finisher range of buildings are available in Plus & Duo models depending on the size of your farm and individual requirements. Our Portapig Finisher building offers exceptional value in a portable solution for larger herds. This has also allowed the Portapig range to accommodate finishing pigs up to 110kg on concrete slats.

The Finisher Plus is the latest addition to the Portapig range of pig housing, now offering exceptional space for up to 500 finisher pigs in a complete portable solution.

Building on the already established range of Single and Duo Portapig buildings, the Finisher Plus offers a unique solution that maximises the available space for pigs up to finishing weight on concrete slats, finished with the same high quality materials that have made the Portapig range so popular.

Guaranteed Performance

Just like our existing range, customers can be guaranteed of a building that will provide excellent performance and results. The house comes complete with fibreglass lined slurry tank, concrete slatted flooring and penning, along with a wide choice of feeders and ventilation systems.

A computerised ventilation system is available to operate the Scan-Air inlets giving cross flow ventilation. Wet and dry feeders and wet feed troughs are available from many of the leading European suppliers. We can also supply silos and feed systems to complete your project.

Finisher Duo – Extra Size in a Portable Footprint

The Portapig Duo housing was developed to meet the needs of producers for larger pig housing. The Portapig Finisher Duo is no exception and is now available in extended size models.

The house is delivered in two sections which can be joined together onsite. Between the two sections there is a walkway that can be made to any width to suit the farmers needs.

The house comes complete with a fibreglass slurry tank, concrete slatted flooring and penning along with a wide choice of feeders and ventilation systems. A computerised ventilation system is available to operate the Scar-Air inlets giving cross breeze ventilation.

  • Available up to 27 metres long x 12.6 metres wide – custom sizes are also available
  • Concrete slatted floor
  • Unique slurry system with each pen having it’s own individual slurry tank
  • In operation within four days from delivery
  • Automatic open and close failsafe windows
  • Option to be fitted with either dry feeder hoppers or stainless steel wet feed troughs
  • Can be factory fitted with an automatic dry feed, centerless auger or wet feed system
  • Standard pens size is 2.5 metres x 4.62 metres which holds over 16 finisher pigs per pen
  • Computerised ventilation system operating air inlets giving cross flow ventilation
  • Stainless steel drinking bowls or pipes and nipples can be supplied as requested
  • Ideal for using on a leased site and can be bought on finance
  • Meets all IPPC requirements

Finrone Systems Ltd Modular option allows Portapig buildings to be easily connected under one roof by creating a multi-access passage.

Internal passages are created with hygienic white internal walls and jointing panels, creating a pleasant allweather working environment for staff whilst allowing easy management of pigs.

The central passage can be created by joining the portable buildings end to end with a 2 - 4 metre gap as required. Modular builds also allow flexible future expansion, finished using high quality and professional materials which have already been tried and tested in our established range of Portapig buildings.

One option is shown in the diagram below. The diagram illustrates the farrowing and nursery combined, making the movement of pig and weaners very easy. The passage roof can include skylights providing more natural light, or a range of artificial light can be installed including low energy LED options. Finrone Systems Ltd can provide other bespoke flexible modular options ensuring your building meets your individual requirements.

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