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Fast acting First Arrival Calf Formula Paste, with Encrypt, our exclusive trademarked organic carbon source, is specially formulated to help calves cope with the stress of scours and malnutrition. It utilizes targeted proteins, micro-encapsulated lactic acid forming bacteria and beneficial organic compounds that target 98% of pathogens that may cause scours and other diseases. Safe, all-natural First Arrival w/Encrypt also helps to build a stronger immune system in the young, rapidly developing calf.

Recommended uses for individual administration:

  • All calves:  Help remedy a mild or moderate scour where the calf is still up and eating
  • Dairy bulls:  Administer 30-60 gms to help avoid scours at market and minimize dockage
  • Beef calves:  Administer 20, 40 or 60 gms (depending severity of scour history on the farm) when calves are first handled to help avoid scours and build a stronger immune system
  • Veal calves:  Help remedy scours and enable calves to better fight profit robbing pathogens that may cause scours and malnutrition.

Administer paste orally to calves over 24 hours old.  Dosage is 20g (20cc) for mild scours, 40g (40cc) for moderate scours and 60g (60cc) for severe scours.  Repeat dosage as necessary.  Store in a cool, dry place, out of sunlight.

First Arrival Calf Formula paste is available in a 60 g (60cc) multi-dose, dial-a-dose tube.  No withdrawal necessary.

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