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- Bovine Coronavirus-Escherichia Coli Antibody (Bovine Origin)


Calf scours (diarrhea) is one of the most common and costly diseases in calves, resulting from lack of sufficient protection from colostrum. The first 12 hours of a calf’s life are critical for antibody absorption. ImmuCell continues to be on the forefront of scours prevention technology, manufacturing and selling First Defense, the most popular and convenient scours preventive administered to calves.

Prepared from hyperimmune bovine colostrum, First Defense® is a bolus which dissolves readily upon reaching the calf’s stomach, providing protective levels of antibodies to potential sites of intestinal infection. These highly specific antibodies serve to block enterotoxigenic E. coli adherence and interfere with coronavirus infection of intestinal epithelial cells, thereby reducing scours related morbidity and mortality. First Defense® delivers preformed immunity and immediate protection when calves need it most. Maximal protection is achieved when administered in the first 12 hours after birth and used in conjunction with good colostrum feeding and calf nutrition programs.

Studies have shown that scouring calves:

  • Account for 56% of unweaned heifer deaths (NAHMS 2007)
  • Are more susceptible to later diseases, such as pneumonia
  • Are more likely to calve at a later age
  • Lead to reduced weaning weights

First Defense® is the only product administered to calves that is proven to aid in the prevention of calf scours caused by K99+ E. coli and coronavirus, two major causes of scours.

  • 100% bovine antibodies from colostrum
    • No slaughterhouse blood
    • No chicken eggs
    • No equine serum
    • Not a calf vaccine
  • Immediate protection
  • Convenient dosing
  • Bolus requires no refrigeration or mixing
  • 24 month shelf life
  • Proven results
  • Increased profitability

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