- Automated Feed Delivery System



MiniMax  Series Feed Delivery Systems show their farm versatility when ordered as a dual purpose feed pellet broadcaster and a feed pipe feed delivery system to floating Aerite  Feed Spreaders or Aerite  Cyclonic Decelerators for timed feed dispensing.  A specially configured air/feed outlet manifold with quick connect couplers provides speedy feed hose change out between our Periscope Feed Head assembly used on our AeroSpreader  Series Feed Broadcasters and our flexible polyurethane air/feed delivery hose used with our MiniMax  Series Feed Delivery System to connect to network HDPE feed delivery pipes running to pen positioned Aerite  Feed Spreaders and hopper mounted Aerite  Cyclonic Decelerators.

  • Flexible, cost effective alternative to large, costly centralized bulk feed delivery systems
  • Modular components for easy configuration for specific farm site requirements
  • Metered feed dispensing with operator set feed delivery amount and feed delivery rate

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