Fish Health Products



Zoetis is committed to meeting the needs of our aquaculture customers, and we recognize the importance of farmed fish as a food source. Zoetis provides aquatic medicines to help ensure long-term protection against disease in salmon so that aquaculture operators can ensure the health of their stock and optimize the returns on their business.

Below is a brief sampling of our aquaculture products:

  • MICROVIB - An immersion or injectable vaccine to help protect salmonids against Vibrio anguillarum serotypes 01 and 02.
  • Fish Health Services - Zoetis offer a wide range of  diagnostic services for the aquaculture industry including bacterial and virology culture, DNA testing, immunodiagnostics and regulatory testing.
  • Custom Vaccine Service - Zoetis manufactures custom made bacterial vaccines for the aquaculture industry – offering a healthy solution for specific on-farm pathogens.  Our manufacturing site is fully licensed by the Canadian Food Inspection agency and we provide custom autogenous vaccines for clients worldwide.

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