- Transport the Fish


The lift is specially suited to lift live fish. It is designed in such a way that very little water is transported in contrast to pumps which move large quantities of water with the fish and therefore need big pipelines and heavy motors.

The FishLifts specifications are based on the lifts height as it always takes up the same small space at the base.

The FishLift is constructed of 7 parts. Each part is <40kg meaning that they can be handled by one person.

The FishLift has some add-ons to ease the use. The add-ons are easy to fasten and use.


The FishLift can be placed quite easily by one or two persons utilizing the Device Beam with the transport wheel.

Pairing a FishLift and a SlideSorter creates a transport line that is efficient, requires little man power and almost no electric power. The system is modular so it can be setup in various ways accommodating different situations.

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