Fixion Greenhouse


Increasingly crops are grown in greenhouses on substrate, rather than in soil, thereby enabling the reuse of water. This may however lead to an undesired increase in salt concentration, which forces the grower to discharge water to the environment. Optimisation of the water and nutrient management requires fast ion selective measurement and budgeting of the total nutrient balance in the water in combination with agricultural know how. Capilix has joined forces with BLGG AgroXpertus; a company with excellent agricultural know how, and Wageningen University (WUR), world leader in greenhouse expertise. Adjusting fertilization strategies to the growth cycle of the crops will lead to improved crop health. Closing the water cycle and improving crop quality and output will then go hand in hand in your greenhouse.

Always A-quality vegetables in your greenhouse!

  • Fit for greenhouse growers
  • On-line nutrient monitoring irrigation water
  • Optimised fertiliser strategies for healthier crops
  • Close the irrigation water cycle loop
  • Robust and easy to operate

Capilix solution
Capilix Fixion Greenhouse product analyses all relevant nutrient components online in the greenhouse with lab quality results. The nutrient dosing regime can be adjusted in real-time to the existing conditions, which results in better growth of the plants and an increase of crop quality.Capilix Fixion Greenhouse product is easy to operate without any specifix analytical background and easy to integrate in the existing automation systems of the greenhouses.

Capilix Fixion Greenhouse product improves control over your nutrient dosing regimes, leading to improved health of the crops and an increase of product quality.

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