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The integrated FixPack furrow press remains connected to the plough at all times. The press remains with the plough during road transport or on the headland saving valuable time. It can be used with three, four and five furrow mounted reversible ploughs with up to 2,5 m working width.

  • Depending on the soil type and the desired work effect, the FixPack can be used with plastic ring or star rollers for a perfect crumble effect and reconsolidation.
  • The FixPack’s pressure can be quickly and easily adjusted to suit the soil conditions, between 400 and 800 kg, via a series of holes.
  • For road transport, the FixPack and the plough are lifted, rotated by 90° and mechanically locked. The press arm is then hydraulically folded in parallel to the plough. This guarantees safe road transport whilst allowing quick and easy reactivation of the plough for the first furrow.

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