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Flail Mowers



Flail moweris a machine mounted on a tractor, equipped with three-point suspension system of the II category. Flail mower is mainly used for destruction of crop residues, for mulching meadows and pastures and for shredding cut branches of shrubs in soft fruit and fruit crops. The machine is perfectly suited to the orchard row crops where there is a need to move the machine axis in relation to the tractor axis. . Hydraulic side shift is optionally installed of max. 35 cm enables to avoid obstacles and avoid damage to plants by a tractor during the machine operation, e.g. in orchards. Flail mower can be equipped with Y-type knives or hammers beaters. Y knives are designed for mowing grass, while flail knives are used for shredding small branches and bushes. During operation, the machine rests on two support wheels which owing to simple height adjustment allow to obtain appropriate shredding of the material.

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