Flat Bed Brusher


The Wyma Modular Flat Bed System is a common integrated modular table for brushing, drying and sizing your produce. Removal of dirt is achievable with both wet or dry produce. Due to its gentle action, it is suitable for produce requiring a delicate brushing, washing, rinsing and/or substance application. Produce is transferred over the brushes by other produce pushing it from behind. The speed that produce is fed onto the Flat Bed Brusher dictates the time it spends on the table and the out-feed speed. Different brushes are available to suit produce types. The brushes can also be set to rotate at different speeds to allow a variety of cleaning options; from a gentle clean to a more vigorous wash. The rotating brushes dislodge dirt from the surface of fresh produce.

Due to its modular design, the Flat Bed Brusher can be customised. If more brushing is needed, more modules can be added to the line. The Flat Bed Brusher can also be attached to Wyma’s other modular machines. These include: Absorbent Drying Rollers, Spool Sizer and Conveyor systems.

The modules are available in the following sizes; ten, fifteen and twenty rows. Optional spray bars can be added above the brush rows, for chemical application. Produce needs to be manually cleared from the Flat Bed Brusher at the end of a run. This task can be automated by the addition of a wiper system (optional).

Flat Bed Brushers are best suited to round produce. For large round produce (e.g. large potatoes, small pumpkins), the number of brush roller rows needs to be increased accordingly. This gives produce sufficient brushing time, for optimal results.

For DRY brushing, the Flat Bed Brusher is suitable for:

  • Potatoes: Removes dry or loose dirt
  • Onions: Cleans dirt and removes loose shells
  • Capsicums/Peppers: Cleans around stems
  • Tomatoes: Leaves a shiny, polished finish
  • Fruit (round citrus and pip fruit): Removes dirt stuck in the skin pores

For WET brushing, the Flat bed Brusher is suitable for:

  • Potatoes: ‘Finishing washer’ function. Polishes and cleans out pores
  • Capsicums/Peppers: Cleans around stems
  • Tomatoes: Leaves a shiny, polished finish

  • Quick removal of surface dirt allows easier drying and more effective sizing down the line
  • A modular build allows flexibility for you to mix and match based on your functionality/capacity requirements (possibility to add drying and/or spool sizing modules)
  • Different brushes can be selected for optimal performance
  • Centralised greasing system and side removable panels for ease of maintenance
  • Rinsing or product application spray bars with interchangeable nozzles to cater for various flow rates and speed*
  • No drop between modules minimizing produce damage
  • Drain water catchment tray with/without water recycling system*
  • Durable and quiet Kevlar reinforced synchronous belts and CE rated voltage specific motoring gearbox
  • Automatic wiper system to clear produce at the end of a run, eliminating the need for an operator*
  • Segmented polyethylene bristle rows for easy and cost effective replacement

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