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Flat Bottom Silo



Silos with all accessories are manufactured from 450gr/m2(G140) hot dip galvanized, high tensile strength steel sheets.The strength of the steel is 450 Mpa. The steel used for silo manufacturing is in S390GD+Z450 standards and have the analysis certificates.

The side wall sheets are chromate coated besides the galvanize coating.This chromate coating protects the galvanize coating from the harmful effects of the handling, carrying and storage.

The roof of the silos have a 30 degrees slope angle. This angle is nearly 2 degrees less than  the filling angle of the grain. By this difference, there would be no grain load at the roof either the silo is full to its top. And a space occur between the grain layer and the inner part of the silo roof. By this space, the grain and steel sheet do not touch each other and no condensation occurs because of the difference between inner and outer temperature of the silo. And, by the ventilation outlet at the roof, natural air circulation exists. This natural air circulation is supported by aeration fans and the grain is stored for a while.

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