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- Model CIP FLEX - Pan Feeding System



HIGH QUALITY FEEDING SYSTEM FOR BROILERS AND LAYERS IN CAGE. Surely one of the best feeding system for broilers in cage! CIP FLEX comes with F.L.D. and telescopic pan in order to get the easiest access to feed from the first day of life.

Why is CIP FLEX winning? Three reasons.
The original Sperotto Feeding System has got the unique and revolutionary F.L.D. (Feed Level Device) which guarantees the simultaneous adjustment of the feed level on all the feeders in order to facilitate the chicks feeding. That means:

  • no more feed waste
  • outstanding feed conversion rates
  • uniform distribution of fresh feed

The telescopic pan varies from the 'flat' position to the 'high' position thanks to the lift system of the line: it will be possible to adapt the depth of the plate at the age of the animal, so as to facilitate smooth feeding without feed waste.
The three feed level probes ensure a thorough delivery of fresh feed in all pans.

The best way for breeding in cage in order to avoid waste of feed and to guarantee the feed conversion rate!

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