Flat Die Extrusion Organic Fertilizer Granulator


Website: http://fertilizer-machinery.com SKYPE: elena.forbes11 Contact Email: fanwayfertilizermachinery@gmail.com Description: Multifunction flat die fertilizer granule machine is aiming at producing bio-organic fertilizer. It is used for granulating various of organic matter after fermentation. And the particles shape of organic fertilizer is cylindrical. Flat Die Organic Fertilizer Pellet Machine Technical Data Overall Dimension L×W×H (mm): 1200×650×1450,1800×900×1850 Production Capacity (t/h): 0.75-2,1-3 Power: 15,22 Granulation rate: >95% Particle temperature: <30℃ Organic Fertilizer Granulator Advantages ※ Simple operation, easy maintenance and perfect technical design with less labor ※ Granules shape of organic fertilizer is cylindrical ※ With features of compact structure of pinch roller, the machine runs smoothly. ※ Adopting the structure of screw center and pressure regulating , the internal distances between dies can change flexibly.

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