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Flat Drip Irrigation Pipes and Fittings



Flat Dripping Irrigation systems are the most advanced technology in irrigation technology. Meeting the need of water of each plant every day, without causing an excessive drop of water is the basic principle in drip irrigation system. In other words, watering means not the soil, but the plant. Drip irrigation method enables the users to feed the plants with nutrients and fertilizer with an application made every day or in every 2-3 days. Thus, it is possible to provide a significant amount increase in efficiency and quality.

  • Varies according to climate and region, yield increase up to 100% -%50
  • Shortening the period of plant growth provides an early-harvest.
  • Provides low pressure and low flow irrigation
  • Provides irrigation with less water consume than other irrigation systems
  • Drippers placed at regular intervals in-pipeand enables theuser to give the water in any desired pressure and amouth.
  • Water loss is eliminated
  • Highest irrigation efficiency.
  • Equal irrigation in all over the field
  • Watering can be done without causing erosion in areas with inclined topography
  • Enables irrigation in windy weather
  • Increase the yield and quality of irrigation.

  • Fruit orchards
  • Bonds
  • Olive
  • Greenhouse
  • Horticultural crops
  • Rank all kinds of cultivated plant watering

  • Form: H Dripping pipes are produced in accordance with the TSE EN 9261.
  • Diameters: 16-17-22 mm
  • Length:
  • Color: Black

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