- Model Flavy FX3 - Cross-Flow-Filter



A cross flow filter uses membranes whose permeability lies in the region of microns (average pore diameter > 0.1μ). The liquid that is to be filtered moves along the membrane in a closed circuit. Part of the liquid flows through the membrane under increasing pressure, while solid parts in the countercurrent of liquid that does not penetrate the membrane (the retentate) accumulate and are held back. A shearing action that results from the circulation of the liquid prevents the solid parts from settling on the surface.

In practice, the accumulation of the solid parts on the surface of the medium that is to be filtered is considerably less important than it would be during a dead end filtration. Flow resistance and clogging up of the membranes here is insignificant in comparison to that in a dead end filtration.
As a result, right from the start, CFF enables a filtration of liquids with a relatively high concentration of solid matter in just one operation. This technique also enables a constant quality of filtration during the complete filtration phase.


  • Brilliant and subtle wines can be produced in just one step
  • The reduction of micro-organisms gives your wine higher stability
  • An optimised filtration process for higher performance and a higher quality of wine
  • Can be pressure emptied and pre-pressurised with an inert gas.
  • Quick and easy to put into service

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