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- African Catfish Fingerlings


Fleuren & Nooijen has over 25 years of experience in production of African catfish fingerlings. At this moment we produce around 2 million juveniles of 10 grams annually. Our goal is to produce healthy catfish, which grow uniform and fast with good filet yields. Fleuren & Nooijen has selected its broodstock lines to meet these goals.

With our specially adapted transport van we can deliver the juveniles upto a 800 km radius from our farm, with practically no transport losses.

For other destinations we advise to use air shipment of fry or young fingerlings (max. 0.5 grams). We use specially designed transport boxes, which will allow us to ship to destinations 24 hrs away.

We can deliver:

  • African catfish fry, fingerlings and broodstock air shipped to your farm
  • Design and construction of fully equipped African catfish hatchery
  • Training of your staff in our African catfish hatchery and ongrowing farm in combination with purchase of a hatchery
  • On site training and support by our skilled staff
  • Emergency support

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