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Model Flex Series - Horizontal Silos



The horizontal silos series Flex can be customized, clients can choose their color and where they can apply their logo and other kinds of customization.

  • No need of permission for the installation
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Transportable by normal truck trailers or container trucks
  • No need for electricity, but compressed air is needed
  • Silos are totally independent  when delivered with a compressor
  • minimum maintenance, since there is no electric panel or wiring
  • Any carrier, with normal trailers, can transport bulk products using the silo “flex”
  • Possibility of transporting  and downloading products with different grain sizes
  • Quick unloading

  • Coated steel body
  • Loading tube
  • Venting  pipe
  • Vibrators or fluidization
  • Min / max level indicator
  • Manual E.C.

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