- Poultry Egg Transport System



The FlexBelt egg conveyor belt provides careful transport of approximately 27,000 eggs per hour to the central egg collection area. The open structure of the egg transport system keeps eggs clean. The egg conveyor belt is very flexible, making the system suitable for even in the smallest spaces.

  • Egg quality is maintained during transport Uniquely shaped egg carriers and egg transfers provide gentle, smooth transport of the eggs, preventing cracks in the shells and preserving egg quality.
  • Suitable for any space A variety of bends and slopes are available with angles of up to 35 degrees. The system is designed for both standing and hanging installation for easy routing around obstacles.
  • Easy to clean and hygienic for eggs The open construction of the egg conveyor belt keeps eggs clean and makes cleaning simple. This makes the work easier and results in hygienic eggs.
  • Suitable for all nest types The system is suitable for any type of nest or aviary and can be expanded indefinitely.

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