Flexabar Aquatech Corporation

- Model VII-HD - Water Based Antifouling Treatment for Aquaculture Nets


FLEXGARD VII-HD is a water based antifouling treatment for aquaculture nets that provides a high level of protection against HYDROIDS and hard fouling such as MUSSELS. Flexabar has developed FLEXGARD VII-HD after receiving requests form its customers all over the world which have a problem with fighting the growth of hydroids and mussels on their nets. Existing products available on the market were not effective against this specific problem.

FLEXGARD VII-HD combines the benefits of traditional antifouling and due to its special active ingredients is highly effective against hydroids and hard fouling. It employs a controlled leach rate, reduced copper technology which helps to limit heavy metal introduction to the environment. At the same time FLEXGARD VII-HD keeps the operational and service costs low due to reduced growing.

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