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Flexible Feed Rollers



Precision, speed and productivity are the most important prerequisites for modern day profitable harvesting. The objective for MenSe has been to increase the profitability of modern harvesting by improving the critical point between the trunk and the harvester - the feed rollers.

Better traction and better logging quality with minimum surface damage

The flexibility of the feed rollers adds to the precision of the grip, improving traction. The feed start runs smoother and the measuring of the cutting length is faster. The rollers roll easily over knot clusters as well. Furthermore, the cutting length measurement is more accurate. Different grip surfaces result in optimized grip for a variety of trunk qualities. MenSe feed rollers improve the overall productivity of the harvester and reduce the total costs per harvested cubic meter. The maintenance costs can also be cut down significantly. Lower noise level and reduced harvester cabin vibration through the MenSe feed rollers add to working comfort and improve the operator performance.

Optimal grip surface for variety of trunks

MenSe flexible feed rollers are available with different measures and several grip surfaces:

  • standard surface for normal trunks
  • saving surface for thinner bark trunks
  • aggressive surface for thick barked trunks
  • extra wide, conical, debarking roller for eucalyptus trees and other special designs

Durable and maintenance free

MenSe Feed Rollers do not require any scheduled maintenance. The normal operating lifetime of MenSe Feed Rollers is several years, reducing the harvester downtime, the warranty period covers 2000 working hours or 1 year. Flexible structure and vibration dampening save the harvester head and the maintenance cost is reduced. The single spikes of the feed roller can be easily changed, according to the need.

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