Flexible Tine Harrow



Because harrowing is not always harrowing, KRESS & CO remembers the forerunner of all harrows - the Flexible Tine Harrow, which is manufactured equal to the „System Schöneberger“ ,with working widths from 1,5 – 12 m. The critical factor to receive a good working success is the right way of „blind- or black-harrowing“, that removes and spills the weeds easily. For this work the KRESS-Flexible Tine Harrow is still unbeatable.

  • Beans, peas, sweet corn, cabbage, leek, celery, onions, spinach, potatoes, sugar beet etc.
  • Each tine of the KRESS-Tine Harrow is very flexible. The tines are able to avoid the static pressure of the plants and „dance“ gentle around them.
  • The solid frame in lightweight construction makes a low weight of the machine, from 9 – 12 m working width the frame is usually manufactured with hydraulic folding.
  • The KRESS-Flexible-Tine-Harrow is unique in its adaption to the surface, the requirement of only little tractor power and its low susceptibility to obstruction. Therefore, expensive appliances for adjusting the tines can be dropped and the angular draught to the sides guarantees the accurate adaption of the net.

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