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- Model FCP - Continuous Level Indicating / Control System



Suitable for water based liquids, mineral and vegetable oils, hydrocarbons, acids, process blends etc. Unaffected by pressure or vacuum. 4 - 20mA output. 4 fully adjustable set points. Easily readable contents indicator. Up to 3Km separation between control unit and transmitter. No moving parts. Flexible design.... Control unit interfaces with any two-wire loop powered transmitter.

  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Simple Installation
  • No Dead Band
  • Robust and Reliable
  • Rigid Probes up to 3m Long
  • Cable Sensors over 3m Long

FCP2, FCP4 and FCP201 for water applications. FCP3 for oil applications

Change of product level above an electrode results in a change of the electrical capacitance of the electrode and provides an analogue signal from which level indication and control is obtained.

The flexicap level indicating/control system comprises of the flexilevel control unit mounted within a weatherproof enclosure and the flexilevel transmitter for vertical mounting within the vessel.

The transmitter which comprises of an electrode and a plug-in electronic module mounting within the terminating head is powered directly from the control unit.

As the level in the vessel changes the corresponding change in electrical capacitance is converted into an analogue milliamp signal by the transmitter, which in turn is amplified and scaled within the control unit to provide a 4-20mA signal.

The standard flexicap electrode comprises of a polypropylene terminating head with stainless steel VBSP mounting boss.The electrode proper is either bare stainless steel rod or sheathed with polypropylene depending upon the electrical properties of the product.

Where the product/application demands, other materials of construction and types of electrodes can be supplied, including concentric electrodes and cable electrodes.

Rigid electrodes are generally available up to 3 metres in length whilst cable electrodes are used for greater depths.

Special electrodes can be supplied for corrosive, hygienic and other demanding applications the electrode should extend down to the lowest required level of indication.

The flexicap system is not suitable for hygroscopic powders & Solids.

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