Model FlexPlanter - Transplanter



A flexible transplanter with a unique vision selection system. The FlexPlanter is a unique transplanter, which is combined with a vision system, providing digital imaging of each individual plant. Depending on the plant quality, the FlexPlanter will only transplant qualified plants. The benefits are multiple: all plants are now transplanted the same way; plant development is more equal; labor is significantly reduced and correction of young plant trays is no longer required.

How does the FlexPlanter operate?
The FlexPlanter conveys the donor trays into the machine by way of a chain in-feed belt. When the tray is in the correct position, plants are extracted from the tray by means of plant grippers, assisted by pusher pins. The plants are separated from each other in order to enable a proper view. Now, the vision selection system qualifies the plants using digital imaging of each individual plant. Depending on the selection, qualified plants are transplanted. Non-qualified plants are discarded via a waste conveyor belt.

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