FlexStor Grain Unloader



The Grain Unloader provides ultra-high flow rates when unloading grain bags and can be utilized with our Grain Bagger System. Providing you with flexible grain storage solutions.

  • Machine Weight – Approx. 5000 pounds
  • Tractor Requirements – Minimum 100 HP, Cat. II hitch, 540 RPM, 2-3 hydraulic outlets.
  • Rated Capacity – 8000 bushels per hour at 540 RPM
  • 265R16 MT truck tires
  • 540 PTO drives all unloading functions.
  • Hitches to tractor using Category II three point hitch.

  • Trailer Towing Hitch
  • Lock Out Wheel Hubs
  • Dual Knives Split The Grain Bag
  • Rubber Paddle Conveyor
  • One Person Operation
  • Mechanical Bevel Gearbox Drive
  • Folding Auger For Loading Trucks On Either Side Of The Grain Bag
  • Sensor Prevents Overloading & Machine Plugging

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