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- QD Pulse Crop Lifter


Design: The Flexxifinger QD Pulse Crop Lifter was originally designed for straight combining in desiccated crops like peas, lentils, and edible beans, where cutting close to the ground is required. The lifter rail hugs the guard, and the replaceable nylon finger is held in an infinitely adjustable receptor, allowing the combine operator to fine-tune the location of the forward lifting point for his specific conditions. The finger extends through the finger receptor, and becomes a tail that guides the plant material over the knife.


Infinitely Adjustable
Without the ability to adjust the angle of the forward lifting point, there are many situations where it would be difficult to get the cutter bar underneath damaged or low-lying crop canopies. The Flexxifinger QD Pulse Crop Lifter however allows the user to individually fine-tune the angle of the nylon finger, making it possible for one, uniform lifting point across even the most 'experienced' headers (where not all guards are pointing the same direction).
Gentle on the Crop
The Flexxifinger QD Pulse Crop Lifter is designed close to the guard with minimal distance between plant contact and the knife. This allows the nylon finger to lift plant material over the cutter bar with little disturbance, reducing the chances of shatter loss.
Gentle on the Combine
Considered by many to be the safest lifter on the market, the Flexxifinger QD Pulse Crop Lifter incorporates a replaceable nylon finger that is designed to act as the weakest point of the attachment. This minimizes the probability of steel components becoming dislodged from the header and entering the combine.
Easy to Maintain
The primary wear portion of the Pulse Crop Lifter is the replaceable nylon finger, held in the receptor by a quick-change quarter-turn mechanism. Most users find that they can replace a damaged finger in less than a minute, limiting downtime in the field.
QD Compatible
No matter how good a crop lifter is, there are times when you don't want it on the header. Using the patented Flexxifinger QD installation system, users are able to attach or remove a set of lifters in minutes, no tools required.


The Flexxifinger QD Pulse Crop Lifter is compatible with virtually every guard system on the market. Generally, the recommended spacing is one lifter per foot across the header, with the exception of some lentil crops as well as edible beans, where lifters mounted closer together have proven beneficial. Users find that the standard Pulse Finger (2 3/4', Part #33048) works best in pulse and other low-lying crops, but have the option of a longer, interchangeable finger (4 3/4', Part #33050) - ideal for headers with limited tilt adjustment.

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