Flexxifinger QD Industries Inc.

- Model QD - HighCut Lifter


The Flexxifinger QD HighCut Lifter employs a design similar in concept to many other spring steel lifters on the market, but offers a number of features unmatched in the industry.


  • Its unique tapered profile provides the lifter graduated flexibility and increased strength.
  • The downward-angled nylon finger aids the operator in picking up low-lying crop, while being able to lift up the table and leave more valuable stubble in the field.
  • Flexxifinger has made two distinct improvements to the construction of the spring steel that makes for a more reliable lifter. A skid plate has been added where the lifter routinely makes contact with the ground to increase longevity. The rail directly in front of the guard has also been widened by approximately 40% to increase overall strength.
  • Best yet, the HighCut is fully QD compatible.

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