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- Stand-Alone Potato or Tuber Grader


The Flo-Grade has been developed to be installed with our Flo-Cut sizer halver unit or on its own as a stand-alone potato or tuber grader. It has a tapered screw design for gentle grading and transfer of potatoes. The Flo-Grade has been developed to improve on existing grading performance and technology. Its CE compliant, low impact design minimises damage caused to the potato.


Flo-Grade has been designed to meet the end-user's needs with the costs remaining competitive against other comparable technologies.

With retro-fit opportunities, the Flo-Grade is also a close couple of our Flo-Cut auto-halver. Its hygienic and sanitary design throughout eliminates the risk of foreign materials into the process. Due to minimal moving parts, the Flo-Grade is both easy to operate and low maintenance with less spare component storage required. The Flo-Grade requires minimal running power and general energy needs, the machine capacity can also be tuned to suit different process requirements.

Unlike other commercially available solutions, Flo-Grade has been developed with the following features for your operational benefit:

  • Fixed centre screws - no adjusting tensioners/mechanisms/supports (ledges)
  • Easy access toothed belt drive - simple pulley transmission
  • Adjustment is by means of mechanical manual diverter
  • Scroll profile can be tailored to your process requirements
  • Solid food-grade plastic rolls are in contact with the product - no impacts, no risk or breakage
  • Direct integration to Flo-Cut halver, improved transfers, lower impacts
  • Hygienic and sanitary design throughout
  • Improved accuracy of diameter grade
  • Retro-fit opportunities
  • Low maintenance - minimal moving parts
  • Easy to operate and access for maintenance

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