- Rotary Scalpers & Cleaners


Flo-More Rotary Scalpers and Cleaners are designed for economical and efficient elimination of both undersize particles and oversize particles & trash from a variety of grains and seeds including corn, milo, wheat, rice, soybeans, feed ingredients and other granular dry products before they reach materials handling and process systems.

Flo-More Rotary Scalpers and Cleaners are engineered for weather-tight, dust-tight and vibration-free operation. Easy maintenance assured by large access doors and quick-change two-piece screens.  Brush-type Screen Cleaning assures a clean-screen under most operating conditions. Heavy wall pipe with ribbon flighting with shafts mounted in heavy duty pillow block and flange bearings is driven by a gear reducer. Screens are mounted over the flighting and rotate with the shaft. Product flows over horizontal screens with the flighting and fall through the screen where holes are larger than the product. Materials larger than the holes exit through a trash discharge.

Flo-More Rotary Cleaners and Scalpers come in a variety of processing capacities up to 15,000 bushels per hour scalping with customizable hopper configurations.  Different models provide for both sifting and scalping or dedicated scalping.

By definition, scalping removes trash and oversize particles while cleaning provides sifting for removing fines and undersize particles from the product stream.

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